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1801 Arapahoe St., Denver, CO 80206

Mon - Sat ( 9AM- 5PM), Sun (12PM - 5PM)

  • Breathe in That Mountain Air.

    Breathe in That Mountain Air.

    We know you want to get outside as much as possible.

    Residents enjoy our outdoor bistro and recreation area at their leisure.

  • Stay Connected.

    Stay Connected.

    Our main floor Wi-Fi is always on and always ready when you need it.

    Plus a meeting room with Graffiti Wall make Skyline 1801 more than just where you live.

  • Get Comfortable.

    Get Comfortable.

    Grab a cup from our coffee bar and grab a seat, no commute needed.

  • Bring Your Appetite.

    Bring Your Appetite.

    Enjoy our premium kitchen and lounge.

  • Style With Space to Match.

    Style With Space to Match.

    Spacious walk-in closets and private carpeted bedrooms.

    Get what you need at Skyline 1801.

  • Refresh Yourself.

    Refresh Yourself.

    Granite countertops and plenty of storage.

Welcome to Skyline 1801

Welcome Home

Take a look inside our units from your computer or mobile device. View our floorplans and interior photos here.

Modern Living, A Mile High

Our units offer more than just standard variety apartment-style living. Let us show you the unique elements that make living at Skyline 1801.

When Can You Move In?

Whether you’re a current resident or a future one, we’re here when you need us. Click to let us know what your needs and we’ll work quickly to meet them.

Floor Plans

Welcome to Skyline 1801

shutterstock_FC00019A Place to Call Your Own. At Skyline 1801, it’s about more than a roof over your head, it’s about creating an environment for you to be at your best. Get in The Zone – our Sensational Kitchen with serving bar and Cyber Lounge, plus workout facilities and a dog park right outside the back door, you’ll have all you need and more right at home.


How to Successfully Work From Home

Times are a-changin’ and we are starting to see more people working out of the comfort of their own home. Sounds pretty nice, right? Well, there are challenges that come

Digital tablet pc, keyboard and cup of coffee on wooden table. Home office workplace

Wine Lovers’ Unit

Dinner date? Taking your date to a downtown Denver dinner can be impressive, but those dollars sure add up fast. For your next date, think of inviting your guest home

Wine corks form a heart shape image on the wood board background

Spices – What’s What?

For centuries, cooks all around the world have been adding spices and herbs to dishes to give them a little extra flavor. The blend of spices change as you go

Spice assortment on a wooden table

5 Books to Read This Fall

Looking for a new book to read? Curl up on the couch with one of these five books coming to shelves this fall! 1. Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith

Fall DIY Decor

The season is a changing, and that brings a good excuse to change up the decor inside your house. After all, it’s always fun to mix things up a bit,

Window Gardens

Do you love to plant or garden but lack the space? Well, living in an apartment doesn’t have to be a bust. Gardening typically takes place outside in the yard,

Window Gardens

Hosting A Football Party!

Bust open the chip bags and invite a few friends over – it’s football season! For some, this is THE time of year. You know what fans we’re talking about.

Hosting A Football Party!

The Ins and Outs of Relaxing and Inviting Living Room Spaces

Give your living room a makeover. Something that says “this is me!” When people walk in to a room they can usually get a sense of who you are and

Digital tablet pc, keyboard and cup of coffee on wooden table. Home office workplace

Say Goodbye To The Fancy Store Cleaners!

We’re sure you’ve been introduce to or have heard about making your cleaning supplies from ingredients you already have at home. We don’t know about you, but some of these

Say Goodbye To The Fancy Store Cleaners!

Ode to the Dinner Party!

Set the table, get out the wine glasses, stock the bar, go grocery shopping, prep the meal… there are a lot of things that go into hosting a dinner party.

Ode to the Dinner Party!